Easter Weekend

Well here we are at Easter, otherwise known as that long weekend in April, which may or may not have *something* to do with Jesus, or chocolate, or eggs. Anyway.

The important part, I think, is April. Because that does come with some degree of hope.

I recently helped my friend Jill put together her blog, and if you think of these things in terms of character, then you'd have to ascribe a good many virtues to this cheerful site, mainly in the way of optimism and helpfulness. I mean, she's a naturopathic doctor and all that, so she almost *has* to be positive, but people like that are very favorable to have around (especially around people like me, who spend most of our time reading books about mongol hordes and watching the horizon for mushroom-shaped clouds). Please check her out.

I hope everyone has a good long weekend. We're going to Ottawa and Montreal for part of it, and I'm looking forward to seeing my ol' pal Stella again.


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