Alien vs Oona

Last night Oona and I watched that old ghost story otherwise known as Ridley Scott's Alien. I tried to point out to her the Ten-Little-Indians construction of the plot set against the metaphor of the 'other' within us, the darkness we trigger, and let in, so that it grows and transforms and becomes the invader, the predator, and ultimately our destroyer. I thought the director's commentary might be especially insightful on these points, as well as letting us see behind the curtain of one of the landmarks of modern cinema. But then Oona replied in her usual way, which is to say that she farted three times and fell asleep on my chest, so I just put her to bed.

Oh well. *I* enjoyed the movie. They all looked so young! And if nothing else there is something about Yaphet Kotto, being all jive and fun and angry, that always makes me smile.

Anyway, I think we all know who the real monster is ...


  1. oh man she is just getting cuter by the day.
    alien? ha!
    what is next? deer hunter?

  2. angelina12:03 am

    Oona is so cute!!

  3. The image of you explaining the movie to Oona in her terms just cracks me up!

    She is actually a LIVING DOLL. Be afraid. Be very afraid!!

  4. That baby is the sweetest thing I've ever seen! How could you ever say no to those big eyes?!

  5. Aww, look at those eyes! ♥

  6. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Beautiful! Got a glimpse of this photo, and nothing else mattered. She is a show stopper! :-) Her outfit is perfection.


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