too diffused

charger; pen and ink on a page from an old math textbook; drawing for an illustrated novella.

I was just telling someone how I've tried to reconcile myself to seeing my efforts as more *diffused* lately ... which makes my life sound like a garden, and my efforts as some kind of sputtering watering can, with a little here and a little there, and many hopes that I'm making progress. The only trouble is, there's always a plant or two that gets screwed, and then there they are, their forgotten corpses unwound before you.

Looking for a certain painting this week, I came across a whole whack of smaller paintings that I somehow never uploaded to my flickr site. Or maybe I did upload them, and grouped them somehow, and then deleted that group. Who the hell knows? I certainly don't. Which wouldn't matter, only I count on my flickr site as a kind of record, or inventory. It's where you can go to see just artwork (meaning: all of it), without any of the narrating or other blathering that I regularly do here.

I also haven't uploaded a lot of the work I've done for some illustrated novellas I've been finishing. Like my charger, above.

Notes, people ... many notes to self. And less charging around.


  1. I love these brushy ones too.

    Those are my snacks on the path, are they still ok?

  2. Well, I did eat one, but it was the dirtiest with footprints so I didn't think you'd mind.

  3. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Reminds me of that Picasso fellow's work. ;-) I like it a bunch. I gave up on Flickr a couple of months ago, I was on there too much I think. I think diffusion is much like being disorganized or not focused...that doesn't sound good at all.

  4. i love this new one and i love that you found all these new/old paintings! that is some kind of awesome treasure-it doesn't mean that you are scattered or looney! i have been trying very hard to be super organized my whole life but i think that is just not me-well, you know-that would be scary. don't you expect to come to my house and see a bunch of crazy and have me tell you stories about it?

    ok, yeah, i have no point but wanted to say hi(now i am laughing at myself and hearing my mom say 'there's another one of THOSE KIDS OUT THERE?!' about you-ha! so priceless. please tell me that makes you laugh just a little or maybe it's a little story?). oh, and love your book cover and HOW SWEET that marilyn loves it too! press all over the place. my life is just a shimmer of what i thought it would, but i'm not in charge here-got to go with the flow. look for your package! eek!
    take care,

  5. i like the name monika with k!
    im one of some kids in the hall... im not a kid, im a stalker.

  6. your old math textbook... i love it.
    you are amazing.


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