thoughts on sunday

untitled; pen and ink on a page from an old math text book; for an illustrated novella.

Wind and rain, rain and wind: it's Sunday morning, after all. Our tin roof pinging and clicking and racketing all night, until the first light of morning, which was just in time to take a squirming Oona downstairs, and already an hour late thanks to some gentleman's agreement made by some old white guys about a million years ago. Spring forward, young man! This was my second trip down the stairs in near darkness, the first one made to throw out a belligerently stupid cat who was crying at the bedroom door. He then spent the next few hours in the rain, crying at the back door. In blackjack, they call this a push.

This was the fat one, of course. The skinny one (or scared one) was hiding somewhere in the living room, wishing he was dead, or that at least his fur would burst into fire.

So: wind and rain. The fat one came tearing in as I left the house for the studio. Sky like wet sand, streets soaked with garbage, no one around except derelicts and criminals.

There have been some stories in the news lately about a bit of research done on the real effects of having a positive attitude. Turns out that it doesn't serve you so well in the end, especially when there's a sizeable disconnect between expectations and results. In other words, if you think you're awesome, and that you're going to do really well, and then you don't, then one's mind gets a good crumpling under the attendant pressure. Whereas if you expect less, and get it, then you're better able to adjust (and happier when you're pleasantly surprised).

People *hate it* when you say things like this (it goes against all the easy thinking, plus about twenty psychic tonnes of ingested advertising), but now I've got some disposable science to throw and rain around.


  1. mmm all that and a blue plate special on Sunday morning will kinda take the wind out of the sails of good old Monday morning! great strategy! bring on the rest of the sleep deprived week!

  2. *Ah-hem* The cat that you threw outside is a "she" not a "he."


    And she is astonishingly stupid.

  3. I love the drawing. What I love most about it is that it seems that the man is dark but wearing a white mask.

  4. That's why I try to maintain my delusions without coming up for air.

    It is too depressing up top.

  5. neither too positive or too negative, but what is too positive or negative. and how do I know my starting point is neutral.

  6. you know, i want to draw like you.

  7. but i dont have old math textbook...
    i only have 'Cost Accounting-a managerial emphasis' textbook... and it's not old...


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