skeleton lamp

skeleton lamp; mixed media on canvas, 14 x 14 inches, the string series continues.

This is the first (actually, middle) painting in a series of three that I'm hanging in Studio 330 for the rest of March. They have a big, gorgeous black wall in there, with much moody and subdued lighting, so I've tried to make paintings which take advantage of that particular kind of warm dimness.

The title of this image comes from its model (third image, bottom) and the lighting.

I'll be writing a wee story for this (and the others as well).

Now, please, take a look at Death Bear.


  1. I'm really drawn to the collar bone. Lovely as usual. Please take photos of your studio when everything is ready! (do I even have to ask? ;))

  2. just love mixed media - lovely piece full of charm and a great tonal quality - what a happy find!


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