the menace of mentalism

The tenets of mentalism are many and varied. Obviously I can't go into the entire ideology here, but I can at least bring your attention to some of its more pernicious characteristics (we owe the world that much, I think). The principles of mentalism include ...

... laughing in the face of nap time;

... receiving secret radio instructions from the ceiling fan;

... talking to ghosts;

... farting for the proletariate;

... staring contests and, most egregious of all ...

... making light of your hopes, dreams and simple plans for bedtime.


  1. Those eyes know more than you could dream of!

  2. and all that just before nap time...!
    Annamaria :)

  3. It's when she works out how to make objects fall off shelves that things start getting really scary.

  4. Lol! I wanted to follow the deep bent of her inner thoughts, but all I could think about was kissing those cheekies! She looks like she's about to get herself into trouble!

  5. WHAT a face. She's a love!!

  6. oh my god she is SO cute!!!

  7. i know all about those secret ceiling fan messages. my little guy gets them too!!! i'll bet our 2 babies would communicate perfectly :)

  8. :))) cute (your baby) and fun (your "translations")


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