Janet, 4:30

I love finding notes like this. It's probably perfectly innocent but ... then again, we don't know Janet, do we? She could be a tigress. She could be a monster of seduction. She might have slapped this note on her lover's forehead as she turned her back on him and walked out the door. And 4:30 could be the highlight of his day, his week, his entire year.

When I was a little kid I had a babysitter named Janet. Of course I had a horrible crush on her. But then she'd take us to the park so she could hang out with her friends with the beaded flare jeans, and I'd sit there stewing on the swings, thinking: Stupid hippies.


  1. ha! cute story!
    i think that note was written by her boyfriend who kept forgetting to pick her up from work. he wrote it large enough so he could read it even without his glasses on.
    just thinkin...

  2. Lol I love finding notes and pictures. I once found a picture of a little girl behind a cloud of smoke that was rising from her birthday cake. It is such a special picture, and it was from the days before digital cameras, so it was a little more special. It always made me sad that someone had lost it.

    Stupid Janet! She missed out :)

  3. My older brother had hippie friends that would babysit me and feed me whatever snacks they were eating. and they'd sometimes take me for a ride in their hippie van and i always wondered what that smell was. they were the best babysitters ever.

  4. My grandmother's name is Janet.

  5. Anonymous11:29 am

    my mother's name is Janet.


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