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So. This birthday thing. Many of you were insistent that I do *something* to celebrate, so I left work a few minutes early and went through downtown on my walk home and bought myself one of those five-dollar-vanilla-latte things that C is always having and I looked at videogames (bought none) and sale items at the Gap (bought two shirts, marked down to ten from fifty) and loads of comic books and graphic novels at the geek store (bought two books, one for the art and one for the foul language) and generally tried to take my time and appreciate not being loaded down with groceries for once and breathe God's good air and all that.

People downtown are either too pretty or rather monstrous. The girl behind the counter at the Gap was so obviously a horse that I wanted to reach over and pet her nose. There was *some* kind of girl at the comic book store too (I was afraid to look), which made all the nerds in the back around the gaming table act especially loud and awkward, arguing about this wizard or that, and while I tried my best to pretend I was just some visiting ghost (why are you little men wearing shorts in the winter, and why are your haircuts so bad?), I did notice that the entire group seemed to flinch when this strange, strange girl asked someone to scratch her head.

And yes, when I got home, there was cake. Even tea. And then mommy went out, and Oona and I had some tummy time, after which she tried to impress me with all the books she's reading these days.

By the way: I did finish Hornby's Polysyllabic Spree, and I enjoyed it quite a bit.


  1. So. A young student I work with was given a big baby doll to practice dressing, read to, developmental therapeutic stuff...She kept insisting the doll's name was Hoo-Hoo.(see urban dictionary)

    We(the adults) thought that Hoo-Hoo better get a new name. I showed her Oona's picture and we gently renamed Hoo-Hoo to Oona.

    She is the most beautiful baby, your Oona. At home the compliments come flying across the room when she shows up on my screen.

  2. I cant wait til she starts blogging. Really blogging,

  3. Thanks for sharing that sweet story, Fern (and for the compliment, too).

    Jeannette: I will archive your blog as my Don't Do What Jeanie Don't Does example for her.

  4. Glad to see she is reading cormac mcCarthy. I love the sparse crispness of the writing. I just saw the movie. Maybe too soon for oona to see it.

    happy birthday

  5. Marchi, maybe not. She already plays Grand Theft Auto with her father.

  6. You know when you get a new car, you start to see the same model all over the place?

    Well, that's what it's been like with Miss Oona.

    I now realise that I know of, or have recently met, four...count 'em...four...Oonas.

    Sure, they may be Oonas or Unas, but still, it's not that common a name.

    Nice to see that she's a bright bubba. Make sure you get her in front of the computer as soon as she can hold herself up. Just don't let her loose on Ebay or somewhere like that.

    I digress...nice that you got some 'me' time. Bought a posh coffee, got some cake. Yay for cake.

    I think I'm going to go and have some tummy time of my own :)

  7. I do hope you were suitably impressed with Oona's reading. Switching from ducklings to Cormac McCarthy can't be the easiest way to spend an afternoon.


  8. ha! i am laughing at all of this of course-from the gap all the way to oona's reading(those photos are really fabulous-oona is such a little cutie)! i am glad you did such fabulous, life-altering things on your birthday. no, really, it sounds great. my birthday made me feel like the biggest third wheel in history.

    it was a *surprise* party that was held in the big beautiful rental room that is in the 2nd story room above the books and arts store where i work at times. my brother in law doug threw it as a "Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to Jer and Me and The Love of my Life, My Dear Wife Jer, the Mother of Children, Turns 40! God Bless this Gorgeous and Brilliant Creature! oh, and her twin is turning 40 too-just so you know...".

    so, i had to go. the night just got better and better. none of my friends could come. all of their friends did. doug(brother in law) had the woman who made their wedding cake make one exactly like it, but this time she put a big purple candle on it(jer's favourie colour) next to jer and doug's cake topper(then someone said something about adding a candle for me-opps! so a wee candle was added to the back for me-neat!).

    the next bit was the best! doug had brought a dvd of their wedding which was held in the ballroom where my ex and i had also gotten married-yay! he went on to show it life-size on one big white walls in the party room. i was very happy for them, but all i could see was a big sign in neon that said, "how to make merle lose her mind in 3 simple steps!". i also saw a sign that said, "hey kids! do you remember how merle did this too but the results were 100% different?! who knew?! anyway-fun!"

    then, the big wedding/kind of birthday cake came out and everyone sang "happy birthday/anniverary" to jer and doug! my table was in the corner and i didn't feel like jumping out to blow out their wedding cake so i kind of sat and and pretending to be part of the decorations. no one noticed. then people started giving speeches about how amazing it was that jer and doug were still together and so much in love which is an amazing thing-truly. i just so didn't want me turning 40 and being alone to be a part of any of that.

    then my parents gave me a super gift-a little self help book on how make your dreams come true even after you have turned 40 and even though the odds are against you. after that, i kept expecting a mime or clown to show up so i had to run away.

    the whole "invisible thing" was really getting to me. so i took a forced photo with my twin, jumped out the back of the store and drank a whole jug of beer with the generous guys from the brew pub next door-that really was fun.

    there- a long and winding for your birthday! and, it is all true! and i have to agree with jeanette-i would love to read oona's blog!
    take care and wishing you a wonderful new birthday year!

  9. That sounds like a perfect birthday. I don't need to throw up a round of jello shots to have a good time.

    I would watch it with The Road... that book freaked me out, and I no longer wear footie pajamas!

  10. Can I join in the Oona fan club? I am in! And yes- it sounds like an adequate birthday ,well not a fireworks birthday but a reasonable, quite acceptable birthday since it ended sharing cake and reading material with Oona!I personaly, like those sort of birthdays! So happy belated birthday to you!
    Annamaria :)

  11. Your punishment will be that she won't have an ounce of cynicism in her. Something you can't talk to but just stare at and hand over fistfuls of cash to.

  12. 我從來不認為不同意我的看法就是冒犯..............................

  13. I love this. What a sweet little bean you have there. Very smart too by the looks of things. All is well with me, by the way, thanks for asking. Married life is suiting me a treat... the whole thing is like a crazy dream but I love it. Wild.
    Will have to get on and read your blog more, it's great.

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