day three and the birds don't sing

People are always going on and on about how great a nuclear winter would be but if yesterday was any kind of facsimile then I'm thinking I'll pass: dead sun, dead sky, stick-figure trees, dirt-smeared snow, torn bits of trash drifting across the empty parking lots. Too many guys with thick moustaches running around. I called in sick. Of course, all this really did was 'liberate' me for tons of Oona time ... but we didn't mind. Later on I made chilli. It seemed -- to me at least -- that chilli would be a good incubator for all the vitamins and medicines and herbs I'm taking. And today my nose does seem less radioactive.


  1. WHO thought a nuke winter was all fun and games and cool? geesh.
    hope you feel better soon! a dose of a day of oona would be a fun med for any illness!


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