undead, shopping

Trojans; mixed media on a journal cover, 5.5 x 2.5 inches.

Not a lot of sleep for this bear last night ... didn't feel well going to bed and then every time I'd start to drift off, C would start snoring or Oona would wake up. I wouldn't have minded except for the whole utterly-exhausted thing.

Utterly exhausted after spending all afternoon shopping in the burbs, culminating in a stop at Zellers. Yes, I said Zellers.

Zellers is where merchandise goes to die but instead lives on in some kind of relentless and everlasting gloom, some kind of weird zombie kingdom where actors like Rob Estes and Lisa Rinna seem like actual movie stars because their horrible horrible videos float near the top of the bargain bin, where an entire wall is given over to beige plastic bins to hide the fact that the store is low on stock, where the mattress for the display futon has completely slid off and sits like a folded poop on the filthy muddy floor, where the chairs for the display table set have cracks in the cheap veneer, and where the cashier will always (always!) give you the thinnest, smallest bag possible for your purchase. Honestly, is that a bag or a condom with handles?

So of course we ate at the restaurant. Average age of the clientele? 103. I had the hot chicken sandwich. It was reminiscent of foam board with gravy on it. Plus some carrot chips. The place had a faux-fifties theme going on, which I guess is popular with the blue-hair set, although C pointed out that they the music was at least twenty years off target, which is like asking my mom to like the Ramones.


  1. Sounds like the shopping I'm accustomed to in Central Pennsylvania. Except we have no old people here. I'm not sure if they're dead or locked up someplace. Hmmmmm.

  2. Alyssa@bloggin2noggin2:10 pm

    As a result of your description of Zellers I feel like I'm there. Great post! You had me beginning to think about Canada...but, maybe not...

    Um, Kim, I'm willing to send my mom if you'd like...

  3. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Please do not tell Brian that you ate at Zellers. He will be so jealous. He always wants to eat at Zellers and I drag him home and make him eat something without gravy, bread, etc. He will especially want to know if you had pie. Something about Zellers and pie. I don't know. janet.


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