groove is in the heart (and the mail)

Sometimes, these things just write themselves: this is a hand-drawn card from my good friend Susan, which I got in the mail along with many American stamps, as part of a wee swap we did. I needed American stamps (for the self-addressed, stamped envelopes that accompany manuscripts I send to the States) and she wanted a new journal/deskplanner. I sent her one with a fox on it.

A detail.

The whole image. Mixed media, no more than 5x3 inches.

The image on the journal, one of those purse-sized numbers (although I don't know if Susan is a purse kinda gal). She wondered how I got the canvas to stick so well ... the answer is, I didn't; I just painted the picture right on the book. The little white bleed is from the texture of the cover. Thanks, Susan!

* * * * *

It seems like I'm always writing about my friend Kristal M these days, but when she's having a show I'm not going to resist. Here's wishing I was in Singapore on February 20th!

{Kristal Melson's first solo exhibition in Singapore, confetti in my eyes, showcases a body of work developed within a time frame of 29 days. Her works utilise colour palletes and graphical volumes as a means of detailing observed human forces, and the exerted pressures that follow. Through the use of jagged shapes and impassioned coloured pencil strokes, her illustrations appeal to our primal instincts by appearing unpretentious, honest and harsh. // Kristal’s work has been shown at galleries in both Los Angeles and Melbourne, Australia. // To purchase exhibited artworks, please contact Ray: / +65 97858613 // Exhibition opening event happens on 20 Feb, at 4pm. Artist signing and appearance begins at 5pm. // Supporting acts from the 29 Cornflakes roster include: Nick Chim; Vargus Pike // This event is hosted & curated by 29 Cornflakes. For more information, contact or}


  1. wish u could have been there! it was fun. we had ballloooonssss

  2. Anonymous9:26 am

    Really love all the posts you offer! I am so looking forward to seeing more like them..


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