the invincibility of christmas

untitled; mixed media on canvas, 8 x 10 inches.

A friend of mine has been having a hard time lately. Of course, the hard time has been compounded by near-German levels of perfectionism and self-pity. But you don't say these things, do you? So when the phone rings and my friend orders/demands (her calls are often like shotgun blasts) some artwork to give to her boss for Christmas, and instructs me that the work has to be (a) for $50 and (b) *specifically* of a woman battling a baleful dragon, I can hardly refuse (there is also, unfortunately, something very small-town or prairie in me that makes it almost shameful to turn my nose up at any work). Still, the whole thing smells a little bit like this.

But I do it, in the few days (read: actually just a few hours I can get at my studio) I have left before her 'deadline' (read: her going away on vacation). And I duly send her an email with a scan of the image telling her it's ready. When she picks it up, she makes a comment about how it "looks better in real life ... and if she [the boss] doesn't like the colours, that's okay."

I don't say anything.

Halfway down the hall (always in a hurry -- I'm a girl and I have projects!), she calls, "I owe you money!"

Ah yes, if I had a nickel for every time it was the last time I heard *those* words.

(p.s. And how can I post this without any fear of penalty? Because I know -- despite my friend's many, many other admirable qualities -- that she never looks at my blog.)

* * * * *

Still, when I showed the painting to C, she liked it. She said it reminded her of the paintings of St. George slaying the dragon with Una praying in the background ...

Of course, a modern version would have Oona playing in the background.

Crazy kid. Merry Christmas!


  1. i love the painting... wonderful!

  2. great post. very funny.

  3. You need to get the gorgeous Miss Oona a santa hat

    Yes, you do :)

  4. I loved the link, you are too patient but very funny.


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