first snowstorm of the season

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First snowstorm of the season last night. Or for me: this morning. Not really sure what I was dealing with at first, this piled darkness on the other side of the window. Difficult to judge a storm from your bedroom, and the weatherman had already been talking shit on the radio all week.

Still, taking a tentative step out the front door seemed to indicate it was the real deal. It also seemed as good a time as any to break in the new parka (yes, I can be positive ... sometimes).

So I set out. And what did I learn?

Being forced to walk down the middle of the street feels very day-after-ish, doesn't it? Like zombies are right around the corner.

It is also slightly dangerous, as the giant trucks with the blue strobe lights always have the right of way during snowstorms. Even if they don't.

The few people you see will say hello during snowstorms.

Cities can be quite pretty during snowstorms. Like they've been renovated with icing sugar.

Nothing looks more forboding than giant lakes in winter.

Watch out for that metal plate on the bridge, it's as slippery as fuck.

Toques are great for keeping your head warm, but they're little relief from sideways-driving ice pellets.

After a couple of kilometres in a snowstorm, the indoors are like another world.

How strange it is, to find ice in your pocket.

And handle wet keys.

Always keep a spare set of socks in your desk.

Snowstorms make you appallingly sleepy.


  1. very day afterish indeed

  2. It sounds marvellous, we so rarely get proper weather here in The Land of Eternal Drizzle.

    Was it squeaky crunchy snow or sloshy snow? - I prefer the former.

  3. Last year we got quite a bit of snow which was unusual. This year it's just raining.
    Love your blog, thanks for visiting mine.

  4. it was a wild one here yesterday, shutting down most of the state. of course we are always feeling wimpy with the first snow of the year. glad to finally get some exercise shoveling. ha.

  5. I love the day after a snowstorm. Everything so muted and blinding white. And I love to hunker down. Yay winter!

  6. brilliant. I loved all of it!!!!

  7. i love the line "nothing looks more foreboding than giant lakes in winter" it conjures up such images for me.


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