the day off

> Hey dad, I heard you have the day off tomorrow.
>> Yes I do, you gorgeous little cupcake.

>But dad, you *do* realize ...

>... that you won't *really* have the day off. FYI, I like my bottle just above room temperature. Oh, and mommy would really appreciate something in the oven for when she comes home from the bar. Now tickle my feet and sing to me, you big bozo!


  1. a day spent with your beautiful baby is the best day off ever. psss: dinner can be one of those fabulous quick pop in the oven frozen pizzas.

  2. BTW, while I'm commenting all over yo' blog. I just scrolled to this post and showed Motto while squealing, "Loooook at this baaaaaaybeeee!"

    He nodded and resumed looking at his baby, his iPhone.


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