wet head

Untitled, pencil & ink on onion paper, 8 x 9 inches.

I've got some wet head today, or wet brain at least, I can focus but it's just not quite right. Got a good sleep last night too, Oona being a star, yet while morning was workable, Friday afternoon is death. Writing is semi-painful. I need more or less sugar in my diet. Let's try more.

Two things we've been watching: Dexter, Season 1 on DVD and Survivor: Somoa on Thursday nights. Both feature sociopaths, one fictional (Dexter) and one semi-fictional (Russell Hantz, who spends almost every confessional proclaiming his evil genius). Dexter is a serial killer who has bent his life into the shape of a normal person's ... with the exception of murdering those who deserve it. Russell is a demented goblin who tries to bend his "puppets" to his will ... except when the usual forces of the game (unpopularity, attrition) take over, which is pretty much all the time. Both are paranoid and sporadically delusional. One has been a joy to watch, while the other is (so far) rather ugly. Guess.


  1. Working on a Friday afternoon? Pointless task - go home and enjoy your family and come back fresh on Monday morning :)


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