uh oh

What do you mean mommy is getting tired of breast-feeding already? It's only been three weeks! Where is she anyway? What do you mean "unsupervised"? What happened to all of daddy's beer, anyway? What do you mean it's safe to drink and breast-feed? What do you mean I have blackouts? What are blackouts? What do you mean it doesn't matter? What do you mean by "magic formula"? What do you mean by disambiguation? Who left the back door open anyway?


  1. OMG. Don't believe him, dear readers! Although I will admit that the whole breastfeeding thing is already a bit tired. Being on call 24 hours a day PLUS being immobile for up to 8 hours a day while someone takes her own sweet time eating and then taking a break from it all by changing diapers and doing laundry and worrying about that thesis that will not get finished by itself...yeah, it makes me want a beer at the end of the day. My doctor gave me her blessing. Ask Darryl how many times he gets up in the night to feed and change his child.

  2. oh if you are breastfeeding darryl has to get up each and every time that oona cries - he changes her and then brings her to you... right? he read the handbook, right? that way you can enjoy your beer (of course!) and rest up to make milk, among other things.

    phew, glad to know that he's getting up at night.
    your little oona is one cutie patootie!

  3. I think Darryl has a different handbook. He said to me, as he decamped to the guestroom, "One of us should get a good night's sleep."

  4. yeah the handbook. I think there are a couple of editions.

    I remember...about the 2nd week that the girls were home [yeah twins] I was sooooo braindead with being a feeding machine that when their father, [who didn't need to decamp...he could sleep through anything...including the caterwauling of two cranky babies placed strategically and intimately next to each each ear - his snoring didn't break stride] woke up the next morning he found the milk in the cupboard and the corn flakes in the fridge. One of those staggering post feeding snacks...the few times I wasn't anchored to a couch with the phone and the remote.

    And as far as a little beer, wine or otherwise goes, you deserve it and Oona won't complain.

    Hang in there Christina!

  5. "Anchored to a couch with the phone and the remote..."

    Wow. That's what I feel like and I have only one baby.


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