packing up my studio

Stole away from Stinkytown for a few hours this morning to work on packing up my studio. Sigh. C wants me to burn everything in the backyard but I said, What if I get a new studio someday? and then she just laughed in that I-swallow-lightning kind of way. So much stuff that has no other place, like my framed Gashlycrumb Tinies poster. Try bringing that one in the house. Sigh.


  1. oh dear. the tinies are so cute though. ... edward gorey is my idol. obvs. happy packing - i hope this won't put a dent in your production.
    .... susan
    p.s. i owe ya - just got a lamb. how much?

  2. Please, everyone, stop believing Darryl!

  3. Your framed Gashlycrumb Tinies poster can come and live with me.


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