More packing away my studio last night when I came across this, a framed picture of my friend *Nicole*. I remember when this was taken, a winter night in Winnipeg, Nicole coming by my apartment just off Corydon, that apartment a vast and creaking place, like a leaking ship, and hissing too, with the steam heat, yet still chilly with its high ceilings and windows all around, and the Hungarian girl I lived with, the one who cried all the time, but she wasn't home that night, and here is Nicole standing on a chair and looking through my cupboards, for just the right glass, because she is about to *mix drinks*.


  1. Anonymous11:33 am

    I loved that place - I remember that night! Because the crying hungarian woman came home and I think I had an allergic reaction....See the swelling on my face? haha!


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