my achoo trilogy

Well, here's one strictly for grandma and granddad and aunties and as-good-as-aunties ... three short videos of Oona having a sneeze. I call it my Achoo Trilogy.

* * * * *

Back at work today, sifting through a mountain of correspondence. My apologies to those I've been slow to get back to, but emails and cards and pictures are on their way soon. Promise.


  1. oh so cute! it was especially fun to start them all at the same time!

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  3. love these. she is a beautiful creature.
    cat dander?

  4. I was gunna say that too, she's allergic to cats!

  5. She's not allergic! Don't put that idea in DJ's head. Newborns have a lot of stuff to get out...She sneezed more at the hospital.

  6. ok. you must know that the family here gathered round to watch this achoo trilogy.
    more than once.
    they wouldn't even watch the bubble-gum-helium-boys through to the end.

  7. She is so alert and aware. Interesting that the director felt the need to insert verbal sub-titles. I actually didn't need translation...I understood everything she said!


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