long haul week

Who's that crying? What's that noise?

Oh, it's the [blankety-blank] cats.

Yes honey, it's going to be a long week for each of us as daddy tries to clean out his studio and make a defining point about the cats.

You see Gorgeous, daddy's studio is so crammed full of stuff because when he moved out of his bachelor pad, he didn't want to inconvenience mommy with his personal effects. Because mommy can't stand daddy's stuff, and mommy would lose her mind. So he packed and stacked and shuffled all sorts of things between his office and his studio. He did that for months! It was fun!

Yes I know Sweetie, that kind of consideration doesn't go both ways. Because mommy's cats are so spoiled these days that they cry all the time. Yes they do! And the fat one who looks like an inbred Russian peasant in a stolen fur coat kept daddy up all night, crying at his window, after he put her out for the third time, between mommy letting her in again, even though it was as warm as summer last night, and once she got in all she did was cry at mommy's bedroom door, trying to wake you up. Yes she did!

And daddy is so sick of listening to cats crying all the time that he can hardly stand it, the way they cry in the kitchen in the dining room at the back door at the windows just about anywhere. And the way mommy lets them in and out and in and out. I guess cats are higher life forms than humans! Yes they are! And daddy's going to lose his nut soon. Yes he is! And then the cats will be on 48 Hours Mystery. Yes they will, Sweetie!

And we know it can be different because it was different when Krazy Auntie Krista was here in the summer, looking after the house, when the kitty kats were left out for days at a time. Yes they were! And mommy had to work really hard to re-spoil them after that, and daddy said nothing because mommy had you in her tummy, but now you're out, and we both could use a break.


  1. Oh my word...she is gorgeous!! :-) Can't stop looking at the photos. I like the composition of each image...nice work! You are too funny...with the description of one of the cats, the fat one! haha! Even though, I know you are absolutely serious!

  2. OMG! What an adorable baby!!! But I'm sure you already know that, right? :)

  3. On night while Madeine-the-Newborn, tried to sleep and Sophie-the-Cat, spent the night rattling around the dirty dishes in the sink, Peter-the-Husband threatend to murder that damn/beloved thang. I called my mother the next day in tears...talking Bus-Ticket-Home! and What-Have-I-Done?

    Almost 25 years later. Madeline knows how to sleep very well (and sail too), Peter has come to love and adore most of the cats that have lived with us (not Jimmy so much or Stinky)Neither of them has gotten any good at washing dishes though.

    It'll be fine.

  4. I think Oona is bursting to say something!

    Probably something about her new 'project'.

  5. Thank you, Fern, for the sanest comment I have read in a long time! While I will admit that Darryl's description of Ernie as a Russian peasant is spot on, and it is obvious that Ernie is annoying (see my Facebook status update for evidence of this), the rest of his blog entry is a wee bit overblown. But I don't think he'll ever love the cats... (And yes, I have put them outdoors for the day, no insies/outsies anymore, not coming in until very, very late tonight.)

  6. Oona looks beautifully oblivious. :)

  7. Oona thinks perhaps the cats will be good practice for you mere parents. She's dreaming of the hoops you will jump through for HER.....hah!

  8. oh, oona is so gorgeous! yes, she is! and what are you doing with the cats that they are crying so much? i have the 4 cats because their dad ran off-yes he did-with some other younger lady, that's right and it's lucky he's not ending up on 48 hours, oh so true. my the 4 cats are little troopers and go to bed when i do like the little angels they are.

    and, if i am having a bad night, like i often have because of my chronic insomnia since the age 5-strange but true- and my dear little cats are keeping me up yapping and crying, then i spritz them with a water bottle and then run away and get in their little cat beds. why? because i am one mean mom! and, i am a mean auntie but the favourite auntie! yes i am! that's right!

    don't mess with a new mommy's cats on top of everything else. yikers! they are your cats now too so i think the 3 of you need to take some kind of weekend retreat together and "bond" around a fire with drums or something. and, i have offered my help with the freakin art shack a million times tall boy so you can pack all your boy stuff in there no problem. all boys really want is some kind of shack rather than a real house anyway. what about an art teepee? hehe.
    good luck!

  9. <3 kissies to the little oneeeee


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