less screamy, more sleepy

More pictures, for those I haven't send some to already (and more going in the mail today). She looks pretty with it here, although I have to say that her opinions on the Middle East are bit limited, if you know what I mean. Still, we had a good night last night, with less screamy and more sleepy.

* * * * *
And on leaving Screamytown this morning I was struck by how flippin' cold it is suddenly, any breeze making you twist away and look for a side street just to change direction. The causeway was awful. So it's toques I guess, and gloves and scarfs and keeping one's head down, going straight into it, hello winter.


  1. Too cute

    The first one looks like she's saying "Hey you. Yes, you over there. Pay me some attention"

    She's just lovely

  2. Screamytown - I love it! Just wait until she can talk and she starts calling Daddy in the middle of the night - then you will have to get up and check n her :)

    BTW it's bitterly cold here on the East Coast too - 4 days in a row of lighting the fire, no going back now!

  3. Anonymous10:23 am

    She is sooo beautiful!! Wow! I remember when my kids were little...it's the best times of ones life. Gives you a complete feeling inside! Enjoy!


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