Tuesday is an elephant.

cigar-tin story number 46

But what a nice long weekend ... like three days of summer, only more reasonable. On Monday afternoon we went over to Brian and Janet's to visit their pool. Always a pleasure. Brian was long-faced about his broken/torn foot, and the ridiculous cast he has to wear for it (something between a moon boot and a shoe for the retarded), and the fact that his sun-filled tennis-golf lifestyle has been replaced by staying up late just to catch the end of The Brown Bunny. And all because he was running to catch the phone. Who could have been calling that he was so desperate to talk to? Hmmm. Does Chloë Sevigny answer calls from brain waves?


  1. Almost two years ago while I was living here unemployed and broke, I spent my last 100 yen renting The Brown Bunny just to see the bj scene. And-they-totally-pixelated-it. And there were no bunnies.

    (Japan blurs all the genitals in all the porn--which explains a lot about the Japanese)

  2. I think my favourite part of the whole Brown Bunny fiasco is the put-downs exchanged between Vincent Gallo and Roger Ebert.

  3. blog surfing and this image caught my eye. Love what you've done with the cigar tins :)


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