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cigar-tin story #48

Too much nature this morning ... the dead mouse so neatly displayed on our welcome mat, looking like a cat before the fire, paws stretched out, the wound in its side almost discreet ... then a series of cobwebs on the walk to work, there are days I seem to hit all of them, no matter how carefully I avoid any trees by the sidewalk ... Kingston really is the City of Spiders.

Watching the first season of Extras this weekend (thanks, Jill). It's another Ricky Gervais vehicle that feeds off the embarrassment and misery of its characters (much like The Office). In this scene we see the motivations of a not very Shakespearean Patrick Stewart.


  1. Very cool new cigar tin! I also liked the description as well.

  2. It really is a city of spiders, there's so many of them hanging out in my backyard and now they're on the trampoline. No place is safe! :(


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