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Sending this painted journal along to Cara in Montreal. There's a piece of writing that goes with it ...
Yesterday was my birthday. I awoke with a sore throat. My tongue felt clotted, my voice felt scraped away. I went downstairs to my dark, cold kitchen and started a fire in the stove. Standing there, in those shadows winking darkly, I became aware of what a lump I was, how little I was aware of, how little I was thinking, how I was becoming used to not thinking, to living in this city of the non-thinking, the unthinking, and how, while this allowed me to go about my business, it made all the more painful those random moments of clarity, where the brain dot blinks insistently, becoming almost visible, like the sun behind thick cloud, life’s ambitions pulsing bleakly.
* * * * *
Today was a lot like that, very closed in its own darkness. You'd think that would be my kind of day, but sometimes I need the sun as much as the next guy.

* * * * *
Got a lovely thank-you email from someone I just sent a painting to down in Georgia ...
I just received your painting today and it is just absolutely stunning! The pictures on your blog don't do it justice!
Thanks again! I loved the cute giraffe note too! Looking forward to collecting more of your art...and continuing to keep up with your latest adventures on your blog...
Have a great week and hope Peanut arrives soon.
See, US Postal Service? You don't always need to be the bad guy.


  1. oh where oh where could peanut be? PEANUT! GET OUT HERE NOW! WE WANT TO SEE YOU AND SQUEEZE YOU AND PUT FUNNY HATS ON YOUR HEAD BEFORE YOU KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING! yeah, we will keep doing that even when you know what we are doing. that is why you are here! der, duh-don't make me do it all.

    what a nice letter. hope the sun shines on you-you should be the first person to see it right? the books and arts gallery i am working at doing displays thought your cigar tin stories were so very unique and wonderful so the art shack NEEDS to happen! i am serious!

    i am trying to work on shows 3 and 4 but i don't understand-i have all the supplies and it is now time for my little cats to get busy and finish them-they just keep sitting on everything. what is up with that? why do i have to do everything? they have tons of boxes of opposable disposable thumbs so what gives? they look at me like, "we don't know how to do this stuff. we are just wee cats." but, they make it to the bar across the street and get smashed easy enough-i am pretty sure holding a beer bottle requires the thumbs.

    i have to go gild the holy grail for little mo's birthday this weekend. he will be 4 and i remember him being born like it was yesterday-i still have a scar that my sister gave me-we like to give each other scars. seriously, it was one of the most amazing days of my life-the other day is when 7 year old zach was born. little mo told me this about his birthday, "i want the holy grail. you can either find it or make it. go!" as you wish your majesty.

    wishing you guys all the best!


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