Funny how early one's reading tastes are set.

No Peanut yet. The guy in our writing group had his baby. The guy in the office next door -- whose wife was due the same day -- had his baby. Shouldn't we be next in the batting order?

No worries. We're always late for everything.

Watched Gran Torino last night. Clint Eastwood growls around, calling everyone a zipperhead. Then he gives away his car.

Finished The Road. One of the best books I've ever read. Incredibly bleak though, and no superheroes, if that's what you're looking for.


  1. Loved The Road.

    First babies are almost always 'late.' Give C a backrub. Now.

  2. Its been about 8 years since Ive read The Road...maybe I will dust it off and re-read it...

  3. the waiting is the hardest part. i agree, give c a back rub and drink a beer.

    ooh thanks for the book recommendation. i will save it for November when i want to slit my throat.

    superman helps prep supermom!

  4. I loved Gran Torino.

    And I was the first baby and I was late by a week so keep C happy with ice cream and unicorns and sparkles.

  5. thought for sure you'd have a roshana you need to wait for yom kippur.


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