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cigar-tin story #49

Peanut continues to take her time. Pokey kid. C has a doctor's appointment today, and I told her it would be perfectly fine if she went into labour in his office. It's like pulling into the mechanic's just as your car breaks down, I said. I don't think she was listening. C's not up to much conversation in the morning, when she's waddling around the house with a cat under each arm, looking like a hairbrush could save her life ...


  1. i don't think C will feel like talking about much until peanut gets going and gets on out here to join the party on the outside! at this point, my friends and my twin especially just kind of wanted to give me indian burns all day as they were ready for their peanuts to get on out of there a good month before. so, if cats are the comfort then bring 'em on!

    i love the painting and how did you get that photo of me? i thought i had hid it away so well. i am a little bit ticked seeing it posted for god and everyone to see, but what can you do with kids today and their computers and fancy light up phones/typewriters. wishing all of you the best! peanut will be here soon!

  2. so glad you commented on my page so i could come here and find your corner of the world. love the rich layered artworks, and the story of you and your wife and the baby coming.

  3. "like a hairbrush could save her life ... " love.

    I hope peanut gets the pleasure of reading these chronicles!


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