reading tonight / shameless plug

Tonight is my reading at the writer's festival. Here's the official blurb ...
19. Spike the Punch: A Late-Night Literary Cabaret

The fabulously irreverent poet Billeh Nickerson acts as master of ceremonies for this after-hours cabaret of out-there poetry, short fiction, and genre-busting nonfiction. Nova Scotia poet Jeanette Lynes, Doug Wright Award-winner Mariko Tamaki and Montreal author of Stripmalling, Jon Paul Fiorentino join local poet Jennifer Londry, flash-fiction blogger DJ Berger, and new novelist Andrew Binks for a night on the edge.

Holiday Inn Waterfront Friday, September 25 $10
6th Floor 11:00 p.m. - 12:30 a.m. Cash Bar
So: you've got a stage full of writers and a bar at the back. What more do you need? Plus it's C's birthday. And since she can't drink, she's more than happy to see you tip one for her.

* * * * *

We were at the festival last night, for the It's a Mystery! event with Howard Engel and Louise Penny. There was a great crowd (mystery fans are so loyal!) and we were really impressed with how good the festival looks and how well it's going. I sometimes have my doubts about Kingston but every once in awhile it gets its legs.

* * * * *

Happy Birthday, Gorgeous. You continue to be: *The Bomb.*


  1. the writing/reading festival sounds fabulous-especially all the drinks and mystery fans-anything and everything should have happened! bravo to you both!

    and Happy Birthday to C! i am so jealous because she is "da bomb" and looks like Marilyn Monroe-all movie star like and she has her sassy blonde hairstyle and she is all gorgeous and smart-she just needs a beauty mark and little more lipstick! hehe! love all these photos(ooh, a wee kitten! who is that week little kitten? i want to hold that kitten too! eek! so cute! can we make it a wee little bed? a little knit hat? socks? a matching sweater?). love the last photo too-gorgeous and fabulouness! Happy, Happy to you both! And to C, Wishing you a new year filled with the best of everything!
    take care,

  2. Thank you, Merle! That wee kitten was the progeny of a homeless cat that lived in our alleyway. It got separated from the litter and was mewling outside our window. I couldn't find the mother for a few days and when I did...well, the rest of the litter wasn't doing too well. It was upsetting. We named that kitten Tuesday and she was finally adopted by someone else. She was only a few weeks old!

  3. Anonymous11:38 am

    Lovely! I'm sure Christina was much happier with this post! :-)


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