not much

Someone still has the same eating style.

Nothing going on, still no Peanut. Burning the way to the end of my cold, all that meds and pretend meds I took, not feeling sick but sweating through my clothes. C and I had a lively discussion about open windows and my reluctance to sit by them. She says there's no correlation between cold temperatures and sickness (a charming fact I think they discovered in places like Buchenwald), to which I said I don't care, all I know is that the October day when you find yourself to be the last person wearing shorts is the day you get sick. Full stop.


  1. And that dresser in the photo background is now in our bedroom.

    Re: colds. You stand corrected:

    Check out Myth #2. I can find you a hundred websites that say the same thing. Suffice it to say, it is an unfortunate and confusing coincidence that the name of an illness caused by a virus is the same name as a temperature.

    And you forgot your cell phone. I better not go into labour when you go out for lunch, mister.


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