guess who

I mean, who else could it be? You could put her in sunglasses and an Afro wig and I'd still say, Uh, yeah ... that's C. Gosh, what gave it away? The Flashdance arrangement of the shirt, the pliable cat on her lap, the string necklace (always a nice stretchy-neck touch), the utter squeezy crazy rapture of having a cat in her sweaty little hands?

I had to rescue this picture from the trash this weekend, after C went on one of her flinging binges. Just keep a small box of some good ones, I said. For Peanut. We can even make a little album.

Well, that prompted some stomping. I don't *want* to make an album! Why should *I* do the work? *She* can do the work!

Uh, okay. But we're going to need a very tiny whip.

* * * * *

Still had a nice day Saturday, despite me coming down with a cold and then C sitting me in the highest-traffic aisle of a restaurant (left to her own devices she will always put us by a bathroom or a drafty window, I constantly have to be prepared to say to the server, Do you have something that *isn't* freezing and *doesn't* smell like old underwear?). Later we watched the second season of Extras, and then the Christmas Special on Sunday night. It follows the same story arc as The Office, and has the same strain of Christ-how-awful humour. And I've been reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy, because it's exactly the kind of cheery thing you need when you're waiting around for Peanut.


  1. How cute! I think I recognise the red step from Murray Corner.

    The waiting must be challenging - for you both.

    Hope you feel better soon - J has had the mancold for 10 days now, but it only seems to affect him when he is at home!

  2. love this! i am so glad you saved this photo! ok, replace the cute blond hair cut with long braids and you have me or my twin! somehow, she outgrew the "ga ga for cats" and now treats mine like they little filthy rats and shoos them away from her when she visits me-how could she change so much? she usually does this while wearing very fancy heeled shoes and very glamorous sunglasses with lots of jewelry that "chinks". she has crossed over to the "grown up lady side". i have never even seen that bridge! yikers.

    ok, there are several, "etched in my mine" funny sentences in this post so you are in trouble-kimi will be laughing very hard.

    i hope you feel better soon and i hope peanut gets here soon! i know the waiting is really hard and that there really isn't anything that C can do to pass the time. does she need me to come over so she can just give be indian burns and stuff like that? it always helped my twin when she was waiting for her babies to get here. and, it helped her to have me around to just yell at-not that she is mean, it just a really hard time and i can take it! wishing you both all the best and never, ever throw out photos of your young selves with cats-that's some good stuff!
    take care,

  3. Good save, this one is a keeper, C you were such a cute kid and that always passes on ;)


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