funf marks five

Actually, not a ton of funf around the homestead lately, with C being so nauseous and uncomfortable all the time, and then getting no sleep. Poor turnip. But I've got the fridge down to something almost spartan, very clean and organized, and filled with loads of leftovers. And then tonight after work I'll start cleaning out my studio.

This is the grand scope of my projects these days.

The bills above were rescued from C's great purge the weekend before last, when she was like Stalin in the editing room. I saved a little box of these, with a couple even hand-stitched back together.


  1. Nice notes, I have a bunch I keep meaning to think what to do with - wallpaper the living room I think

  2. nice mark. sounds like YOU are nesting big time. the baby will be here today or tomorrow. says my crystal ball.... hang in there C!!! a birth is a day - a child is a lifetime. (daunting perspective!)


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