cigar-tin story #44

One of the tins on sale at the Kingston Writersfest (this September 23rd-26th at the Holiday Inn Harbourfront) through the festival bookseller Novel Idea. There will be about twenty cigar-tin stories for sale ... each one unique, with an original story inside, and always packaged with various other treats -- little notebooks, cards, fortunes, etc.

And, unless C pops a peanut that very night, I'll be reading at a festival event called Spike the Punch: A Late-Night Literary Cabaret on Friday, September 25th from 11 to 12:30 pm.

* * * * *

Tried to get C to read Poor Sailor. Took it out from the library and brought it home and left it on the dining room table for weeks. A tiny book. Almost entirely pictures. But no luck. And all this while she's desperate for something to do -- just sitting around, being big, waiting for Peanut. But still, no.

The thing about C is, if she doesn't want to do something then she will simply not do it. There is no power that can make her. I have only steered her wrong on a movie once -- that's one single time, ever -- yet if I bring home a movie that isn't in her groove then I might as well turn around and take it back to the video store early. Because there is no point. I've lost track of the number of movies I've rented and not watched. I had to watch Waltz with Bashir over lunch at work because she simply would not do it. She'd rather sit through Conan or The Hills or some Law & Order that she knows by heart. The only upside is that I no longer have to lay eyes on Miss Marple or Rosemary & Thyme or SVU.

It's too bad because this is really a lovely book, one that shows the power of the graphic novel, with a simple story about the tragedy of setting out to see how green the grass is on the other side.


  1. The problem with Poor Sailor is that you set it up for me as something so wretchedly sad that it scared me off. Yeah, that's what a hormone-crazed-38-week-pregnant woman needs: incredibly sad graphic novels.

  2. what a beautiful painting!


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