bon voyage

cigar-tin story #50

Giving over a whole whack of cigar-tin stories to Oscar at Novel Idea today, as he'll be selling them –- alongside all the participating authors' books -- at the upcoming writer's festival. It's always a kick to see something that started as a spark in your head and your hands come out as something packaged and sealed and laid out for public consumption. Have a good trip.


  1. that is exciting news! but, i am also sad too because they are all hidden gems. i know they will sell well. i personally want all of them! i want to get rid of all my "silly doo-dah art" and just fill my place with these because how cool would that be? wishing you all the best!

  2. Rowan, you make quite a cheerleader. Did you get your painting yet?

  3. Byebye little tins, hope they find happy homes.

  4. YES! i got the painting! didn't you hear my scream?! i just did a post about it on my blog. i also included a photo of you-had no idea you wore a powered wig-huh.

    and ha-i'm a cheerleader for the things i love-they are kind of few and far between but when i find them i go nuts! sorry that your art and writings have been chosen as my favourites. i love "Finally, She's Ready". I can't even explain. if you quit the visual art side then i quit. your wee baby will want you to paint!


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