untitled {1}, ink on paper (an old math book).

We watched Spellbound the other night. This was the first time I'd ever seen Ingrid Bergman on film, and about ten minutes in I remarked, "Well, she's really very pretty," which almost made C's head explode.

"They say she's the most beautiful woman ever to live in Hollywood and all you can say is that she's pretty?"

"Yep," I said. "She's really pretty."

untitled {2}, ink on paper (an old math book).

C loves old movies and weird movies and anything to do with Gregory Peck so Spellbound was a big hit. It's a Hitchcock vehicle about a man with amnesia who assumes the identity of a dead man (a man he may have murdered) and picks up a gorgeous psychoanalyst along the way. She's an ice queen, see, but Gregory Peck has got all the right moves (including collapsing in a heap a lot). Being skinny and handsome may have helped as well. There's also a crazy, crazy dream sequence by Salvador Dali.

untitled {3}, ink on paper (an old math book).

A few nights later I was watching a documentary about the battle of Midway. Normally C wouldn't even look up from her crossword ("I need a three-letter word for feline") but suddenly she was all over it.

"Have you ever seen the movie?" she asked.

I had to smile. "You mean the one with Gregory Peck?"


  1. Gregory Peck wasn't in Midway. You know who was? That's right: Tom Selleck. Oh, yeeaahhh.

  2. OMG you're right; I was thinking of MacArthur.

  3. i love all those old movies! and, i love documentaries too-all kinds. so does my twin. she got so caught in one about sami davis jr. when she was pregnant with her first son that she was convinced that she must name the baby after him(in the end they didn't, but his middle name is 'davis'-ha!).

    i think you should practice collapsing in a heap-all the girls will go wild! hehe. and, i love this new piece-love her mask! and, it wasn't tom sellect, it was tom cruise!
    hope peanut is doing ok.

  4. gah-can't spell-tom sellecK! GEEZ!

  5. well, i am a fan of all the old movies, but really i am a huge fan of this ink painting. ok, what is it worth to ya? like i need more art. oh wait, yes, yes i do!

  6. It's definitely worth a look for. It has as much drama, comedy and pathos as the best Hollywood can offer and it leaves you feeling uplifted and utterly satisfied.


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