Last Holiday, Sans Peanut, Days 10 + 11

Day 10
A Monday, apparently. Big, crashing thunder gets me up even earlier than usual. I watch very vertical rain in semi-darkness. Coffee, cereal, a small painting meant as illustration for a story. The show outside continues to boom around all morning. There is no sky, really -- just a place where the ocean seems to bleed into air. Finally C rouses herself just in time for some sun to emerge. Pools of water are visible on the lawn, especially amongst the cranberries out back. I go for a swim (the water, while all chopped up, will be warmer), rushing through electric clouds of mosquitoes, these neuronic feeding swarms that follow you all the way out to the sand bars. Later I make C some bacon and eggs, then have a nap, and another swim, before being forced to go visiting "up the shore".

Day 11
A wonderfully quiet day. C plays her Clue, eats freezies and finds a golden bug in the backyard.


  1. If I didn't know better I would think you really didn't enjoy "The Shore"! Funny place, really when you think about it - such an emotional connection (exciting/disturbing or somewhere in between depending on state of mind and extent of memories)!


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