head for the hills

I'm back.

There's a Kids in the Hall sketch about two hopeless buskers who eat nothing but Kraft Dinner with ketchup every night and are suddenly, magically rewarded for this with a five-year supply of KD, ketchup and tapeworm food. I was thinking of this when I was sitting in the dark at around 1:30 in the morning on Tuesday night, freezing from the air conditioning, waiting for C's morphine shot to kick in so I could take her home. We were in a room at the hospital. Ah, the hospital. That's where I always go to talk to security guards in the middle of the night, and have interns and then doctors explain the nature of cholecystitus, because I always learn best under flourescent light, when I can no longer see straight, when the only real lesson is that the gravy train of Kraft Dinner, Revellos, ice cream and chips will be sitting in the station for a bit, while a certain blonde someone gets used to fresh fruits and vegetables, whole wheat and skim milk. The tape worm is on his own.


  1. OUCH! Had bile duct troubles while pregnant. Not fun. Neither is morphine.

  2. Au contraire. When that needle kicked in, I felt like I had found a new best friend. It was wonderful...

  3. oh, that is horrible! i have know 2 friends with this and it was just awful. hope all is well now. can't imagine having this and a peanut in my belly at the same time! whoah-wishing you all the best C! hang in their daddy dj.


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