and where are we today?

Cigar-tin story number 40.

* * * * *

Brett Favre is coming out of retirement. Again. And someone wrote a cheque with Michael Vick's name on it. And the sordid end to Steve McNair's life made news at the volume of a whisper. And this is American football, the slickest sport on the planet, and it's only preseason. C can't wait!

* * * * *

Finally some more temperate weather today, instilling more of an instinct to live. I feel sorry for C, who is becoming more and more like a dirigible, but she took some solace from when her niece asked me if I had a baby in my belly too, and I said Yes, I'm four months along, thank you for asking.


  1. A dirigible? Wow. I didn't know you felt that way. I'll have you know people are *still* saying to me that I am very small for 9 fact, they often think I am only 6 months along. Thank you very much. Dirigible, indeed.

  2. there is nothing worse than being preggers in this type of weather. i should know i did it twice. and i WAS beyond dirigible ... i was full blown zepplin.
    hope christina is getting some relief with air conditioning or better yet, a pool. weightless and cool is great on the ankles. if it makes you feel any better red, my german bro in law had his 4 yr. old nephew say "baby in?" whilst patting his beer belly.


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