poor Frankie

Much screaming and oh-my-God-I'm-not-looking this morning when C found a dead mouse beside our bed. This explained the unusually high level of activity/stupidity from the Moron Brigade last night, which included growling/chasing (read: torturing) from the Fat One and plaintive crying from the Scared One. I named the mouse Frankie. C thought it was a good unisex choice. Frankie led a small and ultimately stiff life, and he/she never really had a chance to get out there and sow the world with poop. He/she will not be missed. All donations go to me.

It all got me thinking about how we begin, how we end. The above images make up my Grade One report card. The verdict on the final page is still pretty bang-on today.


  1. This is too funny!! "They" do say that your personality is cemented by the time you reach six years of age...

  2. funny and interesting. still to have those reports from grade school and i thought i was a big pack rat. nice to know that there are others out there.

  3. oh dear, poor frankie indeed. glad the fat one can take down the mice in your house though.

    and, i am snorting with laughter over your teacher's final remarks! i am really glad to know that she "has no real problems". just so you don't feel you are the only one, this could have been my report card and it is still true today. i also have the same hairstyle as i did in first grade, am basically wearing the same style of clothes and have the same interests. so much for trying to change and be popular or whatever-meh!

    yeah, and my twin may look like she is running a big fancy museum but i know what she is really doing. she is basically just making haunted houses in the basement but on a much larger scale and with a bigger budget. so meh, again.

  4. "acceptable". Story of my life...

  5. I was trying to figure out what "SIN" stood for.

  6. Darryl is emotional and somtimes simple

    I love that and your mouse story made me laugh a lot.

  7. ah so telling, those old report cards. i TOO wondered what the S I N was for. did you go to catholic school?
    and we had a mouse adventure last week too... i stood on the bed and screamed bloody murder. the tiny devil was soon trapped the next day.
    and i thought a cat would keep that from happening?
    hmmmm. guess they just bring you the dead ones.


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