my weekend venn

My weekend. A handy study guide for that life class called Why Husbands Go Crazy 110.6.


  1. "Do more stuff!"
    Man, if I had a nickle...

  2. Oh, boo hoo. This is you: "Oh boo hoo. I live in a lovely house with the most wonderful woman in the world, who is carrying my child. I am rich enough to hire someone to go up on the roof and fix my lovely house. My child will have her own, pretty bedroom. I have a pretty backyard, in the city. The grass is too long, but it's pretty, green grass, surrounded by flowers and bushes and trees. And a privacy fence." Gosh, it's quite the hell you're living through. Now come on and finish up all the work you didn't get to this weekend.

  3. Is there a husband-equivalent for the Kids Help Phone? Or do I have to stick with Al-Anon?

  4. Myles is back up on the roof, Mr Rich Man. Doing work for you. (Oh boo hoo!) Oh yeah, and your wife is shuffing her schedule around, making it possible for the roof to get fixed, the washing machine to get fixed, all of your money to get organized, etc etc. Must be nice having a wife! (I'd LOVE to have a wife.)


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