Captain Rascal

This is what C looks like when she's with one of her kitty cats.

The wet grin, the shining eyes -- you might as well give a bottomless slushee to a retarded fifth-grader.

Every once in awhile I write a cat part into one of my stories, simply as something to amuse her during our writing group (otherwise she just heckles and belches whenever it's my turn to read). The other night I read I story about two confused but ambitious little girls, and one of those girls had a cat named Captain Rascal.

When we got home, C immediately ran upstairs to the shoebox where Ernie sleeps (don't ask) to write CAPTAIN RASCAL SLEEPS HERE on the side.

Meanwhile? My drinking increases.


  1. hehe! i am seen here with my Pascal. may i call him "Captain Pascal"? and, he is my drinking buddy but can drink me under the table.


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