ambition 1, obstacles 0

After a weekend of childbirth classes (!) we went to Toronto for three days to celebrate C's graduation from Ryerson's publishing program. The convocation was a very nice affair, and C looked lovely in her blue gown, and of course the battery went dead in my camera, and of course they promised to sell disposables at the doors and they didn't, so you'll have to settle for this drawing.

We also went to see a play at Soulpepper Theatre in the Distillery District, which C says is like Disneyland for hipsters. The play was called Awake and Sing!. It was about a Jewish family in 1930's New York. It was also about parents conning their children, an old man who kills himself because everyone is sick of his bullshit, and a wife who abandons her husband and baby (!) to run off with another man with a wooden leg.

Soulpepper is a very swanky little theatre, and they make great posters, my favourite of which (for this season) being for Glengarry Glen Ross.


  1. if she had a man with a wooden leg why would she want another?

    (and is this baby-thing really a blog publicity stunt, as people have been saying?)


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