ridiculous machines

Much better game-seven's last night. "They don't all go to game-seven, do they?" C asked. She's funny!

Still, last night was really just about two things: the chicken-vegetable-rice bake I made for supper and watching Coach finally bite the bullet on Survivor. Everyone hated Coach but really he wasn't so much villainous as he was simply ridiculous, a character who -- when he wasn't referring to himself in the third person (always a bad sign) -- gave himself the nickname "Dragon-Slayer", talked about himself like an action hero and interpreted every situation as an opportunity to further aggrandize his almost wholly fictitious reputation. He was like that kid who comes to summer camp with the expensive sunglasses and on the first day tells everyone who will listen that he's a black-belt in jiujitsu, then a week later everyone finds out this is bullshit and a week after that this kid wets his pants in the mess hall and by the end of camp so many people are lining up to take a poke at this kid that he won't come out of his cabin after supper.


  1. Christina9:18 am

    Wow. Nice spin on the facts. I said, in fact, "How many f'ing game 7's *are* there?" It's all rather ridiculous to me.

  2. Maybe Game Seven thinks you're ridiculous.


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