art for the peanut

The sweet aftermath of an art trade with Susan: it came in the mail yesterday. The black bird is so charming and C had a very good idea to frame the rabbit for the peanut's room. Go peanut!

* * * * *

Using this (above) to make these (below); monoprints from a scratched-up cutting board + water colour + some soap. For Susan's upcoming print show.

The writing is text from a story I just finished (well, the first draft anyway). It reads: Now it’s been six weeks of silence and I know I know there’s something wrong and I know it has nothing to do with the mail or you being sick or away or anything like that, there’s only one reason and I can feel it as sure as a lump in my throat across all these many miles and that reason is that you’re cross with me and possibly even done with me. And this makes me so upset Quintal, I can’t tell you, just the thought of it sends me to the mirror again, standing there applying lipstick and not knowing what I’m looking for, just watching for that glisten and quiver and hard spark at the corners of my eyes, thinking about what a little fool I am sometimes, so vain and reckless and using my ego like a blanket to throw over people, only in your case the blanket is on fire.

* * * * *

My sister Rachel makes these clothespin bags called bird on a wire (oiseau sur un fil). This one's on our back door right now but with winter almost over it will soon be on our clothesline where it can sing to the neighbours. For more info just send me or Rachel an email.


  1. love the art you got from the trade! your peanut will have the coolest room ever! i always give both of my nephew's art for every holiday so now they each have cool galleries going. the youngest, little mo, just got a photograph i took in italy of mosaic of a skeleton. he loved it so much he stood up on his chair at his birthday party and "shock his fanny"-ok, this is a little 3 year old who was more excited about a framed piece of art than a plastic toy that made noises! hee!

    love your monotypes! ok, i am going to try to get going on my monotypes again-i just love to huff that ink! great story as well!

    love the robin clothespin bag too. you are surrounded by great art!

  2. I love your lines... they're beautiful...and you've got a very hot blog!


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