Studio 330 show

It looks like I have two out of three paintings sold from this ... surely we could complete the hat-trick? Of course it's always the middle child who suffers the most; below is the one remaining.

* * * * *

starting over (need more rain); mixed media on canvas, 20x16 inches.


  1. I knew it !!!!! :) Congrats !

  2. congrats on the sales! the best i have found to sell one that is left is to pretend like i am taking it down with the full intention of giving it to a friend who loves it. so many times when i take a piece down i get the reaction, "but I really wanted that one!" from one or more folks and we haggle over the price-try it-let me know it works in this new age/techno world. i have been sleeping for quite a long time and have no idea what to make of things. especially these cars-they go so fast these days!


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