I saw the first cities of snow ...

Just the other night I was on the phone telling someone how people here in Kingston didn't know 'real' winter, how I phsshhed and rolled my eyes when people complained, because before moving here I'd spent ten years in Winnipeg, where winter is like Napoleon's retreat from Moscow, only with toxic clouds of car exhaust instead of dead horses, and the only thought is: I must keep moving. But now I am sick of Kingston's winter, too. It's not that it's so cold, or choked with snow, but rather that it's just this ugly thing that hangs around, and around, like some virus not important enough to see the doctor about. Enough already.

Brought some left-over Chinese food to work today. The fortune cookie tells me: They can because they think they can. Good for them.


  1. I'm glad you like the blog name and you're absolutely right, I DO need a swishy logo. As soon as I can afford one it would be grand if you could create one for me. That is if you do such things. Your work is beautiful. Lauren is my literary hero. I'm a little in awe of her.


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