I am ...

... still processing my late-night event at the studios on Friday. I say my event because -- for whatever reasons -- it was only my guests who showed up ... and even then it was pretty hit-and-miss.

A big thanks to the people who did brave the winter night and come by ... it was great to see you (and thank you, as well, to my studio-mates who opened their studios up to all the little tours I did). And speaking of seeing, it was fantastic to finally lay eyes on Krista (below), just to verify that this digital sprite was real (her own always-generous thoughts on the evening are here).

* * * * *

... watching JCVD, a meta film in which Jean-Claude Van Damme plays himself ... or at least a more hopeless and damned version of himself, made all the more painful by his self-awareness, how he can feel the currents taking him down. And then he gets caught up in the robbery of a post office.

* * * * *

... watching the finale of Survivor: Gabon. A mediocre season with a mediocre winner who was rewarded by an ugly, bitter jury who would rather have voted for Idi Amin.


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