{clandestine} ... concealed, secret, enigmatical, recondite, privy, mysterious, labyrinthine, veiled, hidden, inscrutable, problematical

Two journal covers, one of which is going to C, the other to my brother Kevin, who needs all the help he can get, because his mind is like a city made of fog.

* * * * *

The final drawing of Shaz, who seems well-suited to purple undertones.

* * * * *

Lazy holiday watching: The 39 Steps and The Dark Knight. Despite how much she hated it (she's more of a Midsomer Murders person ... *yawn*), C still found watching Heath Ledger very sad.


  1. these have a beautiful organic feel to them

  2. gorgeous work. and the dark knight.. i just watched it too. heath. he was great in it.

  3. But the Dark Knight is so... Dark Knighty!

    Hope you had a good holi, we still have to have our coffee sometime! :)

  4. yes, the entire movie the dark knight was sad.... i saw it for the first time yesterday.
    happiness to you and c in the coming year!

  5. Yay purple, I am loving the drawing so much.

    Though boo me, I still haven't seen the Dark Knight. Hoping to see it tomorrow.

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