to be of the opinion that

Cigar-tin story #2. Inside is a story called Broken Head, which takes the form of an introduction/acknowledgements to an imagined book, and wherein the narrator/author has some jagged opinions on exactly who has helped him become who he is today.

* * * * *

More cigar-tin stories. I'll have a bunch done for our late-night opening as SSS on December 12th.

* * * * *

Our new sign outside SSS, lighting up the winter night.

* * * * *

**Add-on!** Not part of the original post! Psyche! I'd almost forgotten that
Sheri had tagged me, so here's my eight bits:

1} I am second of seven kids.
2} I have never left the continent.
3} Right now, I'm eating an orange.
4} In the winter, my skin falls apart.
5} I think life tends to dip at the edges.
6} And that things will get worse before they get better (C hates that, subscribing to the happy-thoughts school).
7} Despite her Pollyanna attitude, C is awesome.
8} Her cats are not. At. All.

And now to spread the pain:

1} Melissa
2} Rebekah
3} Rebecca
4} Eric
5} Lauren
6} Kerstin
7} Kyria
8} Krista


  1. umm...what if one wanted to purchase one cigar tin and one was not near the bus line that stops in front of the SSS on Dec 12th?

  2. A fabulous dark image. Cool.

  3. red hand in my opinion you are a fabolus dreamer (but now also) a fabolous smoker! (of cygars of corse)

  4. So compelling and beautifully painted. I wish it were mine!

  5. They are neatsies, I like the catwoman one.

  6. Hey Redhanded, I've been tagged! Ah man! Not again.

    Great improved blog and beautiful new work. Keep it up, man!

    Cheers, Melissa

  7. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Thanks for playing along Darryl, wasn't that painful was it ?! These Cigar tins are REALLY great, love the one you just posted, especially.

  8. I like these cigar tins!

  9. I think you should paint happy kitty cats on the next tin...just for C's meow meows.

  10. Wow, I'm just mesmerized by that particular image! Those eyes are way funky. And what a great idea, those cigar tins...


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