lucky devils

The lucky devils are right behind us.; mixed media on canvas, 10 x 10 inches. The *string* series continues.

* * * * *

Here's a new twist ... I've sent out a lot of manuscripts in this lifetime, and I've got back just about every kind of rejection letter you can think of, but I've never had a manuscript flat out denied without ever having been opened. I mean, was the English department erased? Were the professors all taken out and shot? Did storm troopers surround the place, and burn the college to the ground? And where can I get one of these "REFUSED" stamps for myself?


  1. She almost looks like a cat. :)

    That is one harsh return. I would like a refuse stamp for ever bill I get.

  2. when you find that stamp i want one. like fast.
    nice new work d!

  3. Just got your comment - Yes, I've noticed the cold awkwardness before, especially Kim Novak in Vertigo. I'm guessing you like Hitch as much as I do? :) Beautiful work by the way!

  4. Anonymous3:07 pm

    wow that's harsh. sorry man

  5. Anonymous5:30 pm

    lol.Love your sense of humor D ! That stamp is cool though.I like your latest paintings, great work as always !


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