packed, follow

follow; mixed media on canvas, 15 x 12 inches, the string series continues.

In World War Two, the Soviets used dogs like kamikazes. They would starve the dogs while training them to seek food under German armoured vehicles. In action, the dogs were packed with explosives, which would be set off by a lever on their backs as they scrambled beneath the moving vehicle.

The Germans called them Hundeminen, and found flamethrowers to be the most effective at keeping them away. Otherwise, they just shot most dogs on sight.


  1. Damn them.

    I do like the string series though.

  2. my god... war stories are terrible.

    but, your work here is wonderful, y liked your illo a lot!

  3. I didn't want to know that. The drawing is great.

  4. Puppy!! Your photos always come with an educational twist, as if you are tricking me into learning something.

    How dare you! ;)

  5. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Very wonderful image, but a very sad story. Not any worse than giving children guns and drugging them.

  6. what a cruel thing to do!

    but i love your painting. your style is wonderful :)

  7. Exceptionally sensitive painting.

  8. education begins here. and i thought i knew everything about wwii.
    see how you are?
    great painting again red.


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