july spoils

and then despoiled; mixed media on canvas, 10 x 10 inches. The string series continues.

* * * * *

Another weekend, another ferry ride, another race that C didn't train for. This one was called the Wolfe Island Classic. Here she is all smug before the action.

And here she is coming up on the 10k finish line. I'm laughing because she's just told me how horrible it was ... the heat was like a gentle smothering. Meanwhile, I sat in the shade and ate a lemon danish.

* * * * *

Really, the only kind of marathon training I believe in is this.

* * * * *

Unwilling to confront the sun further, that afternoon I stayed on the couch and watched the end of Unforgiven. The end is the whole thing.


  1. really enjoying this current summer work dear d. and kudos to c. for actually running in the summer, anywhere.
    i am more of the persuasion of wrecking a marathon than actually ever running one, myself.very funny link - thanks for sharing!
    don't even think i could run one with that guy with a gun behind me...

  2. God. Running...

    I like this painting very much.

  3. Wow...I do really like your art work.
    You are a talented artist
    I´m impressed
    Have a nice evening
    Best regards

  4. She did a lot better than I could've ever done!

  5. Anonymous9:03 am

    beautiful canvas... just lovely.

    running a 10k? good lord, good for her


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